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我是美国风投创始人和管理合作伙伴,曾担任过Jupiter Media公司VP,Paul Kagan Associates机构分析师,我的创业企业Applied Semantics2003年被谷歌收购,是谷歌Adsense概念创造者之一。现着重投资互联网领域,对中国互联网和网络新媒体有深刻研究。我写的《零重力1.0》和《零重力2.0》成为彭博社最畅销书籍,比尔盖茨、杨致远也读过我写的商业报告。在中国,我给网易科技独家供稿。hapn.cool try it!



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乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客


乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客


乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客


乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客


 乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客


乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客








现在,苹果出品的iPod和iTunes引领着音乐下载市场,人们已通过这些产品下载了超过1亿首单曲 。

 乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客






乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客


Steve Jobs is the Mad Hatter of technology


Apple has been the poster child for 'wow factor' gadgets for the past 7 or 8 years now. Are you ready for another dose of hippie-inspired Love Bug meets Prius tofu-chugging moment from Cupertino, Cally, home to Apple Computers. Not

lost is the irony of Apple's street address, either, 1 Infinite Loop. Guess persistence pays off in time.

乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客


(apple co-founder Steve Wozniak with his Toyota Prius)


Apple was decried in the 1990s as the equivalent of a banjo-toting

savant of the PC war lost to Microsoft. Yes, the PCs and GUI were

pleasing but Gates and Allen's Microsoft ability to focus on the

business of the PC put Microsoft on top. Sure both ripped off Xerox

PARC's GUI but the victors always rewrite history.


乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客


We all know by now Apple kicked Jobs out of the job for being vocal

(which is basically being Jobs). Apple had mixed success and was largely

relegated to a footnote for what not to do in technology business. Its

formula was:


Cool products + great marketing = high prices = lots of profits. That

formula worked for a few years in the early Apple days when Jimmy Carter

was still President and brother Billy Carter touted his own brand of


乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客

乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客


By the time Ronald Reagan found the soft leather at the Oval Office IBM

and Microsoft were seriously dating. The heavy petting led to a Windows

being born on PCs and in 1995 the Big Brotherish hammer throw was all

Gates. Gates and Allen won the PC software war. Ask Wall Street or Warren Buffett.


乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客

(#2 world’s richest person Warren Buffett at ice cream shop Dairy Queen)


Brewing in the background was some sort of primordial universe bending

karma thing, fabricated from Silicon Valley but tempered in Botox raging

Hollywood. Steve Jobs picked up a castaway animation unit called Pixar

from George Lucas (Star Wars), and patiently turned it into the new



乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客

“A gadget phone, hmmmm, interesting you will create”


PCs fueling entertainment, not productivity. Steve Jobs' was more

aligned with the PC as vehicle for entertainment than the PC to compute

a formula or write a letter.


That's step one.


Step two, Apple Computers realized that it had a ship and no captain. Oh

captain my captain the faithful cried. Returning hero: Steve Jobs. He

ditched the Performa debacle (31 flavors of mediocrity) and focused on



And yes it took another six or seven years and voila, Napster triggered

the online music revolution. Trouble was, Naptser was all revo and no

business model. It could trade 1 billion songs but not generate a penny

in revenue. Should have licensed the tech to the music companies.


While the RIAA and Napster went to blows, Jobs saw an opportunity. If

music downloads were unstoppable why not join the parade? By the way, in

1995 I did one of the first industry forecasts that showed music

downloads replacing CDs during the time when 9600 baud was the norm and

few people were online yet.


What Steve did was find common ground between the public's desire to

download music and musicville's desire to continue to make money from

music. Peace, love and rock and roll makes for a great song but not

business model.


Now in 2010 Apple's iPod and iTunes lead the music download arena. More

than 1 billion songs downloaded. Ipods popping up like Lady GaGa at

a paparazzi open bar.

乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客


Hats off to Apple.


Apple is the new Sony, setting the pace for cool media devices and



Pixar is the new Disney.


And Steve Jobs is in the mad orchestra leader after 30 years of hacking

the universe. Or is that the Mad Hatter?

 乔布斯:科技界疯子 - Steve Harmon  - 史蒂夫·哈蒙独家中文博客

Steve Jobs as the Mad Hatter

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