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我是美国风投创始人和管理合作伙伴,曾担任过Jupiter Media公司VP,Paul Kagan Associates机构分析师,我的创业企业Applied Semantics2003年被谷歌收购,是谷歌Adsense概念创造者之一。现着重投资互联网领域,对中国互联网和网络新媒体有深刻研究。我写的《零重力1.0》和《零重力2.0》成为彭博社最畅销书籍,比尔盖茨、杨致远也读过我写的商业报告。在中国,我给网易科技独家供稿。hapn.cool try it!



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中国如何打造全球化的互联网公司? - Steve Harmon - 史蒂芬·哈蒙独家中文博客


当我回忆起十年前创办企业的情景,让我费解的是:美国之外的国家似乎鲜有创新,就连拥有众多创造性人才而带给我们滚石乐队、披头士、Leona Lewis的英国也不例外。当我在伦敦、香港、东京、悉尼等城市发起一些项目时,发现创新者寥寥无几。这些项目吸引了成千上万的人来观看、学习和了解,但是,没有人能够给我们分享他们的创新。



中国如何打造全球化的互联网公司? - Steve Harmon - 史蒂芬·哈蒙独家中文博客

是的,我知道有百度,也有淘宝,但是它们在国外几乎不为人所知。Skype是起源于欧洲并在全球发扬光大的一家互联网公司。四年前,当它的创始人把它卖给eBay时就拥有超过5000万用户,当然,现在用户数已经超过4亿。最近消息在传Skype创始人想从eBay手中回购Skype。其实早在2007年11月我在于Skype投资人Tim Draper(他还投资过Hotmail)交流时就建议他将把Skype买回来,它比任何投资者所估计的还值钱,因为Skype比很多电话都好,而且是免费。Tim给我的回答是:“他最终物有所值,我想我们应该把它买回来。”








10 Steps For China To Create A Global Internet Powerhouse

中国如何打造全球化的互联网公司? - Steve Harmon - 史蒂芬·哈蒙独家中文博客

Crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Can China or India (or even the UK) produce a global Internet company? Where are all the Web or mobile entrepreneurs in these countries who want to win a global market?

I remember organizing and hosting startup events all over the world about 10 years ago. The one thing that always struck me as strange: very little innovation outside the U.S. A country like England, for example, has always had lots of creative people. It gave us the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Leona Lewis, Coldplay and more.
Yet when I produced the event in London there were few innovators. Ditto for other cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney. These events attracted over 10,000 people...to watch, learn and discover. But not to share. Yet the time is coming.

I find it very odd that a valley in California generates most of the world's technology innovation. I live in Silicon Valley so I know why. But I find it odd that countries such as China with tremendous engineering and talent (and India) haven't produced a global Internet brand, one used in dozens of countries, the same way Google, Yahoo or Facebook is.

中国如何打造全球化的互联网公司? - Steve Harmon - 史蒂芬·哈蒙独家中文博客

Yes, there's Baidu and Taobao. But outside of China nobody knows of them. Skype is one of the only European-started Internet companies to have made it into a global powerhouse. When the founders sold it to eBay a few years ago Skype had about 50 million registered users. Today it has over 400 million. And rumor has it that the founders want to buy Skype back from eBay for about $2 billion. November of 2007 I shared a thought with the venture investor in Skype, Tim Draper (he invested in Hotmail, Skype and others), and suggested he buy it back, that it was worth more than any investor gave it credit for. Face it, Skype is better than most phones anywhere. And free.
Tim's reply to me:
"Finally, someone who gets it. I think I should buy it back."
Getting back to my original idea: can a global Internet company come out of China, India or the UK?
My belief is yes. Venture capital is starting to invest in these countries.  But is it just capital? money never made success. Ask Boo.com. Venture capital is only as good as the companies it backs. Sometimes companies get sloppy with capital and other times, venture backers have no vision or patience.
So setting there won't be as easy as 1-2-3. There is no paint by numbers formula. However, there is a method. It takes sweat, persistence. Tenacity. Here are some basic foundations--
10 Steps For China, India or the UK to create a global Internet powerhouse:
1) see a global opportunity, not just country opportunity. Most American startups see the world as a market, the US being just one market
2) map out how to achieve global presence
3) get investors who understand global trade and the opportunity
4) study US, Europe and Asian markets to see how your solution meets needs worldwide
5) name the company something that means nothing in every language. In other words, don't sound American, Chinese or Indian. Sound universal.
6) hire people with global experience to strengthen the team
7) raise enough capital to be able to compete globally
8) be fun
9) partner with companies local and abroad that can help you realize the vision
10) encourage creative thoughts, not boring business as usual
My belief is that there's no reason why a Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Intel cannot come out of China, India or the UK.
The more amazing part is one hasn't yet in 15 years of the Web industry. As an entrepreneur, investor and executive who has helped build companies that today are part of Google, Motorola and more, I know the talent is there in China, India and the UK. My network of over 1,700 entrepreneurs (spark network) is proof. So let's go.
Now is the time for "leaping tiger, flying dragon."

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